Create and host a website through Github Pages using Jekyll

This is how I created this website.

  1. Set up website host through github pages. I use github pages to host my website because it is free. However, each github account can only host one github pages, so if you want to host multiple websites you may want to use a different platform. To set up my github pages repository through my github account, I followed the instructions here

  2. Set up website development environment. In the past, I have created websites using only html code, but I find that method difficult to update and modify. Thus, I transitioned to using Jekyll because of it’s ability to use markup language. Markup is ideal for simple static websites. To set up Jekyll, I followed the instructions given here. This included setting up a Ruby development environment.

  3. Edit and preview website. To edit the website, I prefer to use Sublime text editor. Once I am ready to preview the web contents, I run bundle exec jekyll serve through the command line (in the website directory)and visit http://localhost:4000.

  4. Publish website. To publish the website, I push the changes to the github repository and the website is published.

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